The fundamental problem with refugee watch

What refugee resettlement watch refuses to acknowledge time and time and time again are the myriad if factors which drive immigrants from their homelands.  By bitterly focusing on the sins if a few in an effort to discredit the whole you conveniently and perhaps innocently misrepresent distort or intentionally ignore the roles that International economics and now the environment play in pushing people from their homelands.  

You rage at Central Americans who flee their homelands.  Meanwhile, you overlook the utterly destructive roleInternational   financial institutions based in Washington D.C, not to mention U.S. militarism has historically  and continues to play creating havoc in these countries.

You rage about Muslims yet conveniently ignore the naive, however well-intentioned American efforts to maintain a presence in the Middle East to appease oil interests here and abroad not to mention the myopic desire Americsn citizens have for cheap oil.

Change is coming whether you like it or not .

Thank goodness for a real moral leader like Pope Fancis who has the capacity to call into question the financial interests and corruption not to mention the profound scientific ignorance which characterizes those selfish, consumer-driven interests who control both parties in this country especially a large swath of the conservative interests embodied in organizations like yours  and unfortunately a large segment of the Republican Party.


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